Analysis of the Future Three Trends of RFID Tag Antennas

Nowadays, the rapid development of RFID technology has effectively boosted the development of RFID tag antennas. In today's RFID antenna market, RFID tag antennas are becoming more and more diversified. In terms of current market demand, there are three future trends in RFID tag antennas: Green, anti-counterfeiting, anti-transfer, and diversification of raw materials.
1. Green and environmental protection: The traditional RFID electronic label production process is mainly based on etching copper foil or aluminum foil technology, but there will be waste, waste gas and waste water in the process of etching process, and even some poisonous and harmful or even highly toxic. The waste has brought serious harm to our living environment. Therefore, both our living environment and the market need new tag antenna technology and new element injection.
2. Anti-counterfeiting and anti-transfer: With the continuous improvement of anti-counterfeit label printing technology, the technical difficulty of forging labels is becoming more and more serious, and the pseudo-console is also getting higher and higher. Therefore, the counterfeiters who see the stitches often use another method to achieve the purpose of counterfeiting: tear off the anti-counterfeit mark on the genuine product for counterfeit products. In this way, true and false confusion is also very important for the loss of product manufacturers and consumers. Therefore, in anti-counterfeit label printing, the application of anti-mets transfer technology is extremely important.
3. Diversification of antenna raw materials: The raw materials of the tag antennas have gradually diversified from the original single form. The initial raw materials were based on heavy metals such as aluminum and copper. It is well known that in the production process using aluminum and copper as raw materials, a large amount of pollutants will be generated, which is harmless to the environment, time-consuming and costly. With the slow progress and maturity of technology, it gradually began to move toward advanced technical materials such as nano silver and ink. The raw materials such as nano silver and ink will overcome the limitations brought about by the heavy metal production process, which not only greatly reduces the pollution to the environment, but also has low cost and greatly shortened production time.
Whether in green environmental protection, anti-counterfeiting technology or raw materials, the development of RFID tag antennas will be the indicator of the maturity and progress of China's antenna technology. With the advancement and development of RFID technology, we are also looking forward to more new types. The emergence of products, I believe that in the near future, with the joint efforts of entrepreneurs and technicians, RFID tag antenna technology will be more and more favored by consumers and the industry, RFID tag antenna will also usher in a Spring.