• Aug 2013

    Step 1.
    Send your inquiry to our sales then we offer prices to you.

    Step 2.
    If you accept it, please send your artwork to us by email.

    Step 3.
    We'll then send you an invoice by email. You can pay by transfer of account or Paypal.

    Step 4.
    Once the payment is completed, we’ll send approval to you by email or pre-print sample to you if you ask.

    Step 5.
    After you’ve approved the proof, we will print your order and deliver it.
  • Aug 2013

    MOQ is 500~1000 pcs.
  • Sep 2013

    Yes we can, we offer a full range of design and artwork services. Give us the details of what you want and we will be happy to quote.
  • Sep 2013

    From the day of the payment clearance and the confirmation of the artwork proof.
  • Sep 2013

    Normally we accept telegraphic transfer. We also accept PayPal for small order.
  • Sep 2013

    All of our goods are sent via Hong Kong if you choose express delivery. Since it is a main logistics hub of Asia we have the ability to ship to all countries around the world via sea or air. Our freight forwarder has partners based in all countries around the world.

    We are happy to provide tracking numbers by email updates on the status of your air and/or sea shipments at any time.

    Our freight offering for product to our customers is as follows: door to door, door to airport, door to seaport, shipment via customer’s freight account, freight collect service, and assistance with shipping via the customer’s preferred freight company.
  • May 2019

    Artwork Guidelines

    When you send artwork to us for plastic cards , key tags and plastic cards with snap off key tags we need two things:

    1. Original artwork files.
    These need to be print ready format. This is the file we will use for print so anything that is not printed should not be there (card outline, radius corners, punched holes, numbering, signature strip/s, magnetic stripes etc).
    Please do not supply artwork more that 1 up per document

    2. Separate pdf file.
    Please show card outline, radius corners, punched holes and any extras such as consecutive numbering, signature strip/s, magnetic stripes, bar codes and personalisation.

    All files should be supplied in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) format as we digitally print all artwork using this 4 colour process. Artwork must be converted to 4 colour process, we can not accept RGB or artwork set as spot or Pantone colours.

    Please forward all the fonts that you have used in your artwork. It is preferred that wherever possible all fonts can be converted to outlines/curves. Please do not omit any fonts that are used in EPS files, again, these should be converted to outlines/curves in most circumstances. Do not presume that we will have what are considered standard fonts - these must also be sent with your artwork.

    The preferred format for any raster graphics is TIF although we can accept most standard formats JPG,GIF etc. These should be supplied at a minimum of 300 d.p.i. Anything below this can result in lower quality reproduction of your card when it comes to printing. Images downloaded from the internet are unsuitable for print as these are very low resolution (72 d.p.i.) and will result in a very low quality print. Again, all these images should be in CMYK format. Vector images can be sent in their original format or as an EPS with any fonts converted to outlines/curves.

    Adobe Illustrator vCS4 or Lower
    We accept EPS and Ai Flies, please outline all fonts, and convert all colours to CMYK.
    Adobe Photoshop vCS4 or Lower
    We accept All Photoshop formats. Please make artwork no lower than 300dpi, convert file and colours to CMYK.
    Coral Draw v13 or Lower
    We accept All Coral Draw formats. Please convert all fonts to curves and make artwork no lower than 300 dpi, convert all colours to CMYK.
    We also accept PDF formats at Print Quality. Please make sure any fonts are outlines. Do not show card outline, radius corners, punched holes, numbering, magnetic stripes etc in the Print Quality file, show these in a separate file.
    Standard Plastic Card Dimensions

    Finished card dimensions are indicated by the GREEN keyline (85.6mm x 54mm).
    Bleed area (GREY area) must be extended 3mm outside the finished card dimensions. The card design images should therefore extend to 92mm x 60mm (i.e designs can “bleed”).
    Safety area, any text must be kept 3mm within the finished card dimensions and must not cross into the PINK area.

    Magnetic Stripes

    Finished card dimensions are indicated by the GREEN keyline (85.6mm x 54mm).

    Signature Strips / Write on panels

    Finished card dimensions are indicated by the GREEN keyline (85.6mm x 54mm).
    Signature strips can be in any size or shape, just keep them 5mm away from any edge. Any wording eg “Signature” must be above, below or to the side of the strip. Wording can not be printed on the strip.

    We use two standard embossing character types, (embossing affects graphics, text etc on the other side of the card). Cards can only be embossed on one side and the embossing must be in the lower half of the card.
    OCR - Numeric only - 4mm height
    Simplex - Alpha Numeric - 2.5mm height

    Slots and Holes

     Finished card dimensions
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