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Pioneering RFID Solutions Provider

About us

Established in 2005, Shenzhen Thinked Smart Card Co., Ltd. (known as Thinked) stands proud as a pioneer among China's smart card manufacturers. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, encapsulated by our motto "Innovate for the future," we have established ourselves as professional suppliers in the RFID industry, offering an extensive portfolio of smart card products and services.


Our Extensive Product Range:


Smart Cards: Integrating cutting-edge RFID technology to facilitate secure and efficient transactions.

Wood Cards: Combining sustainability with technology, our wood cards offer an eco-friendly alternative without compromising on functionality.

RFID Tags & Labels: From heat-proof UHF tags for industrial use to RFID animal tags for livestock management, our tags are designed for versatility and durability.

Custom RFID Solutions: We excel in creating tailored RFID devices and systems, working closely with clients on ODM and OEM projects to meet specific needs.


At Thinked, your business challenges become our quests for innovation. Rapid response within 24 hours for any inquiry showcases our dedication to customer service. Our expert team is ready to transform your ideas into practical RFID solutions, helping you navigate the future of commerce and data management.


Products and Services for Every RFID Need:


RFID Wristbands

NFC Key Fobs

Hotel Key Cards

RFID Epoxy Fobs

Metal-mount RFID Tags

RFID Sealing Tags

RFID Stickers

Contact Chip Cards


Custom-Shaped Cards


Experience the value of partnering with a visionary in RFID technology.

Contact Shenzhen Thinked Smart Card Co., Ltd today, and let us bring your smart card aspirations to life. [email protected]

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