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From small to BIG

Endless Opportunities


Cards of Various Materials, Technologies, and Shapes

Smart Products

Items with chips commonly used for personal identification

IoT Things

Various smart products for identifying objects and flora and fauna within the IoT

Our Values

"From small to big" is not just the core of our philosophy, but also the trajectory of our growth. Behind these four words lies our profound understanding of technology: even the tiniest RFID chip can carry the significant mission of connecting the world. Just like our company, which has grown from an inconspicuous small team to an industry leader, we believe that no matter the size, one can exert tremendous energy.


We are committed to producing high-quality RFID products. These compact chips, with their powerful storage capabilities and unparalleled convenience, are transforming industries such as retail, logistics, and healthcare. Although small, they are vital links in the digital world, making information flow more efficiently and data management more precise. Just as our company consistently adheres to the "from small to big" philosophy, we continuously expand our technological boundaries, amplifying the potential of tiny chips to serve a broader world.


As we pursue corporate growth, we never forget to shoulder our social responsibility. "We think eco, we think digital" combines our commitment to environmental stewardship with our vision for digitization. Our RFID product designs fully consider the impact on the ecological environment, striving to reduce the burden on nature. Through digital transformation, we optimize resource use and reduce waste, taking concrete actions to protect our shared earthly home.


We believe that through continuous effort and innovation, we can bring more value to society, not just through our products but also through our respect for the environment and investment in the future. "From small to big," we start with a tiny chip, seeing the big in the small, using technology to connect the world, and leading the future with responsibility.

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